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College & Career Pathways: Naviance

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This page offers a variety of resources to help you tap into the college and career pathways that really interest you. Explore the links below to see what each platform has to offer and follow the roads where your curiosity comes alive!

Throughout your middle and high school careers, you will become very familiar with our district adopted college and career readiness platform, Naviance. Be sure to bookmark this one and explore often: 


Did you miss the Naviance session at College & Career Day? 
Here is the recording of what you missed!

Using Naviance to Apply to College with NCSD Counselor Rebecca Barton.
Great information for seniors! 
Access Passcode: UZr8%KHK


  • Naviance (Via Classlink) - Allows students to discover  strength and skill sets,  explore college and career pathways, and set SMART personal, academic, and future  goals. Students, counselors, and teachers engage with this tool multiple times a year to provide meaningful lessons beginning with 7th graders and on through to 12th graders. 
First page of the PDF file: north_clackamas_classlink_sso_2