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NCSD College & Career Centers


The College and Career Centers develop programs and services to help students and parents explore colleges and careers, provide information and support to fulfill college entrance requirements, host presentations from career professionals and college admissions personnel, and much more including:

  • Providing information on internships and employment opportunities. 
  • Educating students regarding career development as a concept linking education and work.
  • Increasing student awareness of and involvement in career development and placement programs.
  • Teaching effective career decision-making strategies and skills.
  • Conducting informational interviews, employer visitations, externships, and short-term volunteer experiences.

NSCD College and Career Centers employ culturally responsive services to bridge opportunity and worthiness gaps for students who will be first-generation college students and those traditionally underrepresented in colleges and universities. We draw upon the current educational literature to help understand how to build those bridges, with an overarching goal of ensuring that every student is college-ready when they graduate from a North Clackamas School District high school.  (Acevedo, 2020; Green, 2018; Griffin, 2019; Perry, 2017; Savitz-Romer, 2020).

Be sure to check with your College and Career Coordinator about ASPIRE! Aspire is Oregon's mentoring program that helps students access education and training beyond high school. The program matches supportive adult volunteer mentors with middle and high school students to help them develop a plan that meets their career and education goals. ASPIRE Oregon Student Aid

Contact Information

Adrienne C. Nelson High School

Vainu Rao- ASPIRE Coordinator                    

Clackamas High School

Nancy Utterback- ASPIRE Coordinator  

Google Classroom Codes:               Seniors: amywryc                                Juniors: b24bj2y                                Freshman/Sophomores: ejbm5zf

Milwaukie High School/ MAA

Valentina Galindo- College and Career Coordinator

Nathan Christ- ASPIRE Coordinator 

Google Classroom Code: ygncgvh

Rex Putnam High School

Lindsay Charlesworth- College and Career Coordinator 

Google Classroom Code: viopcga