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Physical Restraint and Seclusion Annual Summary Report

Summary Report: 2022-23

Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion in North Clackamas School District 

Total Incidents of Physical Restraint and Seclusion:

      Total number of incidents involving physical restraint: 49

      Total number of incidents involving seclusion: 1

      Total number of rooms designated solely for seclusion: 0

      Total number of seclusions in a locked room: 0

      Total number of students placed in physical restraint: 27

      Total number of students placed in seclusion: 1        

Demographic characteristics for students involved in Physical Restraint/Seclusion:     


American Indian/Alaska Native 0
Asian 0
Black/ African American 1
Hispanic 6
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 0
Two or More 2
White 19
Total 28


Male 22
Female  6
Gender Neutral 0
Total 28

Summary Report: 2022-23 

                     Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusions in North Clackamas School District

Disability Status:

Communication Disorder (50) 2
Emotional Disturbance (60) 4
Other Health Impairment (80) 4
Autism Spectrum Disorder (82) 7
Intellectual Disability (10) 0
Hearing Impaired (20) 0
Traumatic Brain Injury (74) 0
Specific Learning Disability (90) 1
Developmental Disability (98) 7
No Disability  3

Migrant Status:  

    Student with Migrant Status: 1

English Proficiency:

    Students receiving ELL service: 3

Status as Economically Disadvantaged:

    Students eligible for free and reduced lunch: 15

Total number of incidents that resulted in injuries to students or personnel as a result of the use of physical restraint or seclusion 0
Number of students placed in physical restraint or seclusion more than 10 times during the 2021-22 school year 0
Number of incidents in which personnel administering physical restraint or seclusion were not trained through programs approved by the Oregon Department of Education  6