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Student & Family Services

Student & Family Services empowers all students, families, & staff by removing barriers & collaborating with schools & families to meet student academic, social, emotional, mental, & physical needs. 

Student & Family Services represents a variety of student support & community engagement programs promoting health & wellness of all. 

S&FS March 2023 Team Photo

Student & Family Services provides direct support to students in a variety of ways, striving to support the mental health and wellness of every student. 

Graphic of student supports by Student & Family Services per Feeder Pattern
Student & Family Services Table of Programs
S&FS Leadership Photo

Dr. Mayra Gómez

Executive Director

(503) 353-6135

Barnaby Gloger, LCSW

Associate Director

(503) 353-5363


Regina Selbe

Executive Administrative Assistant

(503) 353-6019