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Black/African American Community

About Us:

Hello my name is Jaalam, I am honored to have accepted the role as your Black/African American Community Outreach Facilitator. 

I was born and raised in Portland, OR. I have served my Portland community for 20 years through mentorship, coaching, community relations, and non-profit work. 

Over the past two years I served as a Social Emotional Learning Coordinator and Associate Principal at Open School East where I focused on student retention, conflict resolution and student/staff restorative conversations.

I currently serve on the development committee for the Intercommunity Youth Leadership Development Project. The mission is to engage students of various backgrounds in an experience of what peace means to self and with others, and to learn how to resolve conflict peacefully. 

With this being such a culturally specific role it gives me the opportunity to make personal connections with the students and families I represent. 

Some of the services and supports I plan to provide include Black student focus groups, better access to after school programs, ensuring that our families feel welcome and represented. 

I will be a great asset to the Black/African American families of the North Clackamas School District because of my willingness to make myself accessible. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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Jaalam Roberson
Black/African-American Community Outreach Facilitator
North Clackamas School District
(503) 353-5414