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Engagement Specialists

The Engagement Specialist provides comprehensive and culturally competent support services
designed to ensure the academic success of students as measured by meaningful academic
engagement, college and career readiness, and graduation rates.

The Engagement Specialist provides vocationally specific instructional and non-instructional support to teachers. The Specialist supports college and career readiness learning experiences, comprehensive
academic support services, social services and activities, including individualized post-secondary
plans, goals, and objectives combined with applying vocationally specific experience and
training to support student learning.

We have four Engagement Specialists supporting secondary students in North Clackamas School District.


Raquel De Jesus-Mendoza

Adrienne C. Nelson High School Feeder Pattern


Danielle Moore

Clackamas High School Feeder Pattern

(503) 353-8179

Melren Pichon

Rex Putnam High School Feeder Pattern

(503) 353-7569


Johanna Velazquez

Milwaukie High School Feeder Pattern

(503) 353-8316