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Crisis Response Team

Emergency/Disaster situations can happen at any time, anywhere. Effective and safe schools are well prepared for any potential crisis or violent act.

The Crisis Response Team is a team of people who have extensive training in crisis response, who have a shared philosophy, and who have clear tasks or jobs to do on crisis days. At this time, the North Clackamas Crisis Response Team is prepared to support in the following areas of need:

     ● Media/External communication
     ● Internal communication with students and staff
     ● Student Safe Room
     ● Adult Safe Room
     ● Staff debriefing facilitation
     ● Security at both the originating and alternative sites
     ● Short-term staff substitution

The Crisis Response Team comes in to provide support, not to take over the response. The administrator is, at all times, in control of the response and of what efforts are made.

For more information, please contact:

Barnaby Gloger, LCSW

Associate Director, Student & Family Services

(503) 353-5363