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Too Sick for School

When to Keep Your Child at Home For Various Illnesses


PLEASE DO NOT SEND AN ILL CHILD TO SCHOOL. There could be some serious health problems for your child and other students. If your child is ill or his/her fever is higher than 103°, you should contact your health care provider for advice. If you need help in finding a healthcare provider, you may call your local health department or State of Oregon Health Plan (503-655-8336).

Some students have medical conditions which can become life threatening when exposed to: measles, chicken pox/shingles, Fifth Disease, rubella or hepatitis. If your child is diagnosed during the school year with any of these diseases, please call immediately to our office.

Please see the attached "Too Sick For School" guidelines below from the Oregon Department of Education.

Your NCSD Nursing Team

ODE Guidelines 


Too Sick For School Handouts