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School Based Health Centers (SBHC)

North Clackamas School District is proud to partner with 4 School Based Health Centers, health clinics that operate on 4 of our high school campuses

The following forms of care are available at the School Based Health Centers:


Primary Care:


Medical Director is Dr. Wayne Sells-Adolescent Physician at OHSU & Doernbecher Children's Hospital.


  • Routine physical exams
  • Sports physicals
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury
  • Vision, dental and blood pressure screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Age-appropriate reproductive health
  • Routine lab tests
  • Prescription medications
  • Health education Wellness promotion
  • Fitness and nutrition education and counseling
  • Referrals for healthcare services not provided at the clinics

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Specialist works with the Primary Care Provider to provide collaborated physical and mental health.

Services: Therapy is expected to be “short term,” with the focus being on addressing current problems in the clients’ lives and helping them plan for the future using cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques. Therapy will be given in the form of individual, family therapy or group therapy.

Dental Health

Outside In and Neighborhood Health Clinic (NHC) partner to provide Dental Services to students at MHS, Rowe, and New Urban


Provided at the SBHC

  • Diagnostic (e.g. exams, x-rays)
  • Preventative (e.g. dental sealants, cleanings, fluoride, education) Provided at the NHC Clinic
  • Restorative (e.g. fillings, crowns, some root canals, extractions, partial and full dentures)
  • Emergent care (i.e. patients with symptoms of dental pain, an abscess, swelling or bleeding)

School Wellness Engagement

A full-time Wellness Coordinator at Milwaukie HS and Putnam HS works to connect the SBHC to school staff and improve the wellness in staff and students.

Objectives: To facilitate approaches to improve the health of students both clinically and outside the clinic in the school. To contribute to optimal employee wellness by serving as an information source to school staff, parBcipaBng in school councils, and assisting with delivering the wellness program. To expand the role of the SBHC in delivering and facilitating healthy eating and active living efforts in the school.

Youth Advisory Council

Students on the Milwaukie High Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members have mentored students on the Putnam High Student Wellness Advisory Team (SWAT).

Purpose: The YAC is comprised of high school students and focuses on leadership, advocacy, and service aimed at the promotion of school-based health care. The YAC engages youth in supporting youth-led advocacy efforts, increasing health access and health literacy, and increasing youth engagement in the school-based health center.

School-Based Health Centers in the North Clackamas School District

(adapted from NCSD Stories)

Milwaukie student health center.

Health Care Available to All NCSD Students

School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) have become a vital community resource for supporting students’ health and well-being in the North Clackamas School District since 2010. 

In NCSD, there are 4 SBHCs located on school grounds, at Adrienne C. Nelson High School, Clackamas High School, Milwaukie High School, and Rex Putnam High School, providing care to all NCSD students, including medical care, mental health care, behavioral health services, and dental services. The SBHC program bridges the gap between the healthcare systems and real-life for young people throughout our school community. Students can access primary and immediate care while at school without any cost to the families, with or without insurance. 

The SBHC programs in NCSD began 13 years ago as a  mobile service at Milwaukie High School, in partnership with Outside-In. “In 2010, it was only the medical van that we would come in and park on school property,” Alicia Holsapple, The Outside-In, SBHC Manager at MHS, said.  “At that time, Michael Ralls was an MHS assistant principal, and he helped create a partnership for this first health center.” Outside-In remains our community partner that runs at Milwaukie Health Center today. 

The second SBHC opened at Rex Putnam High School about 5 years ago in partnership with  Clackamas County. Both the MHS and RPHS sites have been incredibly successful and have served the health needs of students, helping keep them healthy and at school. The 2016 Capital Construction Bond passed in 2016 included creating sites for SBHCs at both Clackamas High School and Adrienne C. Nelson High school.  Students in each corner of the district have access to the centers. The district provides the facilities and equipment to operate the sites, while the medical sponsoring team from Outside-In and Clackamas County provides the care and services to students within the district.

The medical providers at each site have a deep commitment to serving the needs of students. “If students have insurance, then we’ll collect that information, but if students don’t have insurance, it doesn’t matter because we still see them and give them the same care.” Jenn Lucas, SBHC Family Nurse Practitioner at RPHS. The relationship between students and SBHC Nurse practitioners is strengthened every visit. It allows SBHC staff to provide better connections and services. 

Lucas chose to have medical practice at schools because she loves working with adolescents watching them grow and change. “I love to have the luxury of spending time with them when they need it,” Lucas said. “I am able to spend extra time explaining things to students, and I don’t feel like I have to rush my patients. I can give the attention they deserve in a really authentic way like regular primary care does.”

The program also gives students a connection point that helps them as they grow into healthy young adults.  In addition to accessing care, each site has a Youth Advisory Council, a group of students that help guide the program decision-making and help match the needs of the population in school. “We have students involved in the Youth Advisory Council, beyond just receiving the services,” Holsapple said. “With the help of this group, we are able to understand what students are really needed on the campus.” 

Pivoting to meet the needs of students amidst the Covid-19 pandemic has been an important part of SBHCs. Both Outside-In and Clackamas County-sponsored vaccine clinics for students of all eligible ages. The programs maintain the integrity of service while trying to help support students who have been impacted by the effects of the pandemic. “Mental health is a big concern,” Lucas said. “We have great support from mental health professionals that will work with students and help them get back on track.” Mental health is as important as physical health. Students need both to be at their best.

For More Information about School-Based Health Centers:

We thank all SCHB staff members for their essential role in supporting our students' mental, physical, and emotional health and helping them on their path to success.