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Conducting Research in the North Clackamas School District

The North Clackamas School District recognizes the importance of educational research and the value of refining the educational knowledge base. However, the primary work of the District is to educate children and review of the applications will focus on protecting our students and staff from unnecessary disruption to the school environment. Consideration will be given to those research proposals that provide the most educational benefit to the District's students while causing minimum disruption to the educational environment and align with our Strategic Plan - specifically:

  • People and Culture - Goal #1

  • Family and Community Collaboration - Goal #6

  • Resources and Service - Goal #1

Once submitted, your proposal will be reviewed by a committee. A letter informing the applicant of approval or rejection will follow via email within one month of receiving the application. Changes may be requested and are to be completed prior to approval. Not all applications will be approved—items taken into consideration are overall quality, number of requests, and current research projects already taking place. There is no appeals process. 

Consider your research timeline and expectations of completion. The approval process takes time, especially if changes to the project are required.