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Continuous Improvement Plan

North Clackamas School District Goals and Objectives 2018-2022 


1. Student Success – Advance student learning by focusing on each student’s experience, well-being and potential. 

2. Equity – Cultivate belonging and inclusion with the expectation of success for each student. 

3. Quality – Ensure consistent, high quality in each program and service. 

4. Stewardship – Develop and manage the resources and assets entrusted to the district. 


• Whole student focus – Each adult in the system addresses and responds to each student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical needs. We develop and strengthen practices and partnerships that ensure the well-being of every member of the school community. 

• Culturally responsive learning organization – A diverse staff collaborates with colleagues, students and parents, engages in professional learning, and demonstrates culturally responsive practices leading to innovation, improved processes, and educational success for each student with specific attention to racial, gender-based, language-based and ability-based inequities. 

• Engaging curriculum and instruction – Rigorous and relevant student learning opportunities and outcomes for each student are driven by the consistent use of standards through culturally responsive and engaging instructional practices, curriculum, and assessments. 

• Post-secondary success – Students graduate from high school with a plan and the foundation for future success in their life, college, and career. 

• Effective organizational systems and leadership – Systemic quality, efficient and responsive processes, and effective leadership are present at all levels of the organization. 

• Resource management – Responsible, strategic, and effective resource management is aligned to student and community needs and district goals.

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