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ODE Integrated Grant Application

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Draft Plan for Community Comment and Review

In order to more fully realize the full value and impact of the Student Success Act passed in 2019, the Oregon Department of Education has put together guidance to align six programs to improve outcomes for students and staff. These six programs include, High School Success, Student Investment Account, Career Technical Education, Every Day Matters, and Early Indicators and Intervention Systems. Three of these six programs, High School Success, Student Investment Account, and Early Indicators & Intervention Systems come with direct funding to school districts.

Using feedback from our community, priority areas have been identified and outcomes for students have been linked to each of those areas.

The community was encouraged to provide feedback in a ThoughtExchange and during School Board meeting community comments on March 9th, 2023.

North Clackamas School District Integrated Grant Application Narrative 2023-2027 Draft

This Draft Plan is for the estimated 17.2 million from the Student Investment Account, High School Success (Measure 98), and Early Indicators and Intervention Systems. It does not reflect the NCSD general fund budget of 270 million. When viewing this plan, please keep in mind this is one portion of the district's funding and that the key investments listed below are not an exhaustive list, rather highlights of each area's activities that will help us reach our goals.

Draft Narrative Draft Budget

Board Presentation

You can view the board presentation, dated February 3rd, 2023, for the Integrated Plan here. The presentation begins at 3 min, 12 seconds.

Proposal to the North Clackamas School Board:

View the slides View the Board Minutes

School Board approval:

Board approval - 2hrs, 19min View The Board Minutes

Student Investment Account Grant Agreement

Read agreement here