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Student Success Act

NCSD's Involvement with the Student Success Act

This page provides an overview of NCSD's efforts related to the Student Success Act (SSA), which allocates approximately $1 billion annually to Oregon's public schools. One of the SSA's requirements is that school districts engage stakeholders as part of an ongoing, multi-phase process to apply for funding. A summary of NCSD's engagement efforts, along with important dates related to the SSA follows. The content on this page is refreshed frequently. (updated: mid-Feb. 2020) 


Thoughtexchange #3 Spring 2021 (now closed)

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about school success?

This exchange provided NCSD with valuable feedback on our community’s ideas of what being successful in school means. This information will be used to help determine if the NCSD’s day-to-day actions and programs are aligned to what we hear from you on the definition of success in school.


Thoughtexchange No. 3 Spring 2021 results

Three students with diplomas and graduation caps.

Thoughtexchange #2 (now closed)

In the second SSA Thoughtexchange, which was open from Jan. 28 - Feb. 7, NCSD sought feedback on how it will prioritize its efforts to make improvements using about $13 million in annual grant funding from the Student Investment Account (SIA). Specifically, Thoughtexchange #2 asked: What are your thoughts and questions about the Strategic Areas that NCSD has identified to be the focus for the Student Investment Account funding?

ThoughtExchange Results

Thoughtexchange #1 (now closed)

From Sept. 23 - Oct. 14, 2019, 1,600 individuals provided 2,600 comments and generated over 53,000 ratings as part of SSA Thoughtexchange #1, which asked the question: Where are we doing well and where can we improve?

Each comment was read, and the broad themes and ratings were compiled in a report linked below. The groupings are designed to identify areas of shared vision and the primary areas where NCSD needs to improve.