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Parent Community Leadership Alliance (PCLA)

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Superintendent Advisory Committee

Parent and Community Leadership Alliance Purpose and Action Statement


The Parent Community Leadership Alliance (PCLA) consists of school district parents and community members.  PCLA members meet with the Superintendent and other designated district staff to engage the community in conversations and create partnerships that enhance the quality of North Clackamas Schools.

Working in partnership with the school district, the PCLA assists parents and community members in their understanding of the District's goals and needs, critical grade level transitions, and other areas identified by the parents and community.  The PCLA also partners with the school district on district projects to garner parent and community member engagement and input.

Guiding Principles:

The PCLA is a volunteer-driven Team, which demonstrates the community's commitment to the success of North Clackamas Schools through:

  • Promoting and seeking community and school partnerships
  • Creating a parent and community leadership base to sustain quality education
  • Lobbying and advocating for the North Clackamas Schools legislative agenda and funding at the Quality Education Model
  • Advocating for the educational well-being of school district students

The PCLA strives to include membership from each high-school feeder system including representatives of the overall demographics of the school district.

Steering Team:

The PCLA is led by a Steering Team. The Steering Team will consist of no more than 16 voting members, at a maximum of 4 per high-school feeder system. Representatives from North Clackamas Schools are also assigned to be part of the Steering Team and act as liaisons between the PCLA and school district.

Leadership positions will be held for one year terms, and no more than 3 consecutive terms. Elections take place in June of each year, with the term beginning July 1.

The chair creates meeting agendas for the Steering Team with input from Work Group leadership and leads discussions.

The Steering Team recommends and implements decisions in consultation with the Superintendent and district staff.

All members of the Steering Team will participate in a work group, and are expected to attend, at minimum, 3 of the 4 regularly scheduled Steering Team meetings for the year.

Work Groups:

Work Groups are defined based on community input and are subject to change from year to year.

Meeting Information:

The Steering Team will meet quarterly unless it is determined that additional meetings are needed.


PCLA will send Steering Team meeting agendas and minutes to the Superintendent, District Liaison, and School Board Secretary.  Meeting agendas and meeting minutes will be shared with the School Board and posted on the Superintendent's webpage. Once per school year, the PCLA will provide a report to the School Board or present at a School Board meeting.

The PCLA will adopt a process of interpretation and translation into the languages of interest and partner groups of the North Clackamas School District.

Contact Information:

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