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Strategic Partnership: North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District and North Clackamas School District

Concord School

In February 2017, North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District and North Clackamas School District announced a Strategic Partnership that would provide new amenities and community spaces to meet the needs of the residents across both districts. This partnership was formally approved in March 2018, and includes exchanging NCPRD-owned Hood View Park in Happy Valley for NCSD’s Concord Elementary School building in Oak Grove, Wichita Elementary School, and Clackamas Elementary School, along with proceeds from NCSD's capital bond funds.

Future Use for Schools

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District is dedicated to a thorough, inclusive and transparent public engagement process for the development of new parks and facilities.

The Parks District and School District will each continue current “status quo” management of Wichita School and Hood View Park until 2020 and 2021 respectively. This arrangement will maintain continuity of uses for programs and tenants until such time as these facilities are needed for future purposes. Management of Concord and Clackamas schools will be assumed by the Parks District immediately upon transfer of the properties.

Benefits of the Strategic Partnership

The partnership between the Parks District and the School District gives both entities needed resources to better serve our communities. Benefits of the partnership include:

  • Provides School District with the needed sports fields for the planned development of the new high school, converted from Rock Creek Middle School.
  • Hood View Park stays in the community to provide students with athletic fields, and will continue to serve as a venue for sports programming and league rentals during non-school use times.
  • Decentralizes the Park District’s capital currently held in Hood View Park and frees up annual revenue to allow for more investment in underserved areas throughout the District.
  • Opportunity for Concord Elementary School, Wichita Elementary School and Clackamas Elementary School to be revitalized and repurposed for public uses.

Amended Terms

The amended Strategic Partnership agreement finally approved in March 2018 consists of the following terms:

  • School District buys Hood View Park for $18.7M
  • Parks District buys Concord Elementary School for $1.59M
  • Parks District buys Clackamas Elementary School for $1.7M
  • Parks District buys Wichita Elementary School for $1.37M
  • Parks District receives approximately $14M in cash equivalents