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NCSD Comprehensive Sexuality Education Plan

Based on the Oregon State Health Education Standards, the North Clackamas School District (NCSD) Comprehensive Sexuality Education Plan (CSEP) reflects science-based research emphasizing the teaching of functional health knowledge. This plan helps students develop the essential health skills necessary to adopt, practice, and maintain a lifetime of good health and wellness. The CSEP includes the Communication Plan, course descriptions, grade level Health standards, and commonly used documents and letters.

Every two years the plan gets revised and goes to NCSD’s School Board for approval. State law requires NCSD to provide a method for community members to comment on NCSD’s plan. Copies of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education standards, textbooks, and other materials are available for public review at the school or with the classroom teacher.

2021-2023 NCSD Comprehensive sexuality education Plan

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Dianna Ngai
Associate Director | Teaching, Learning and Professional Development
503-353-5367 ext. 35367

Laurie Meisner
Associate Director | Teaching, Learning and Professional Development
503-353-5361  ext. 35361

Amber Mondae-Bozman
Instructional Coach| K-5 Health & Wellness
503.353.1911 ext 37778

Meagan Sternberg
Instructional Coach| 6-12 Health
503.353.1911 ext 37776