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Middle and High School Activities

Activity Bus Permission Form and Hubstop Information

NCSD operates activity bus routes in order to transport students home after participating in after-school activities.

In order to keep students and drivers safe, parents must fill out this online form, in the "LINKS TO IMPORTANT ITEMS" section, before a student is allowed to ride the after-school activity bus. High school students may fill out their own form to register for the bus. This form will only need to be completed once per year. 

It is important to understand that the hub stops (drop-off locations) for after-school activity bus routes are likely different from your student’s regular morning bus route. Bus drivers will only be going to the hub stops listed below, so please pay careful attention when selecting your student’s hub stop in this form. 

In addition, parents are responsible for:

  • ensuring that their student understands the location of their activity bus hub stop.
  • the safety of their student getting from the hub stop to their residence.

Thank you!