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Family Module

Home Address

New NCSD Parents/Guardians:  Enter your street address in the "Type to find an address" field below to find your home address. 

Select the correct address from the search results.  The individual fields will auto-populate based on your selection then click Save and Continue.

NOTE:  If you include an apartment, please enter the Unit Type and Apartment Number in the appropriate boxes.

Current NCSD Parents/Guardians:  Select the Check here if your address has changed checkbox if applicable and follow the directions above; otherwise, press Save and Continue.

When updating an address that is outside the current school boundary, please contact the school.  You will be asked to provide proof of residency to your student's school if your address has changed (such as a recent utility bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement).

Mail Address

This screen is for your own mailing address.  Check "Mail address is the same as home address" if applicable.  If your mailing address differs from your home address, fill in the fields as described above.